Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
has the honour to invite you to participate in 





P1   D. Milošević
Open educational resources in learning communities
P2   D. Charters
Teaching languages and cultures in a virtual environment

Learning tools and technologies in virtual environment

1.1.   D. Bјеkić, М. Stојkоvić, B. Đоrić
E-teacher between 2009 and 2019: ten years development of e-teaching
1.2.   А. Мilоvаnоvić, Т. Dlаbаč, B. Kоprivicа, М. Ćаlаsаn, М. Јаnjić
An approach to forming a model for evaluating a practical Internet based education
1.3.   М. Мilоšеvić, О. Ristić, М. Rаdоvić
Toward improvements of m-learning at Faculty of technical Sciences in Čačak: an exploratory study
1.4.   V. Аlеksić, V. Urоšеvić, D. Pоlitis
An approach to forming a model for evaluating a practical Internet based education
1.5.   S.Šоšić, О. Ristić
Learning Software Testing in Virtual Communities
1.6.   М. Мilоsаvlјеvić, S. Моrаčа, А. Fајsi
Consumers Behavior in an Online Shopping Environment: Example of Amazon

1.7.   V.Rаdоvаnоvić, B. Маrinčić, B. Dаvidоvski
EUTEKA Virtual Library

Interculturalism and language learning through virtual communities

2.1.   Т. Huang Yinbao
Spread the ideals and values of UNESCO with Esperanto through the web environment
2.2.   А. Butе
Serbia and Romania historical relationships and online collaborative projects
2.3.   М. Grosjean
Comparison between two planned languages: Esperanto and Rumantsch Grischun
2.4.   N. Danylyuk
Studying Esperanto and didactic materials in Ukraine
2.5.   А. Lаslо, M. Pitar
Internet and Esperanto supporting the development of students’ creativity
2.6.   L. Тicа, А. Rаdоvić Firаt
Ways in which technology is changing ELT
2.7.   V. Маnsаnо-Аrоndо, Ĉon
Challenges and suggestions for a scientific online magazine and conference on love
2.8.   V. Маnsаnо-Аrоndо, Ĉon
Ni faru – a stimulating educational resource on the Web