In brief

Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak is a higher education and scientific research institution, established in 1975. The faculty is a member of University of Kragujevac. The mission of the Faculty is to educate future engineers in the field of Electrical and Computer engineering, Information technology and Management, and master professors in the field of Technics and Informatics, as well as to contribute to scientific research and development of the economy by transferring the acquired knowledge. 


The accreditation of the institution with its bachelor, integrated, master and PhD studies confirmed that the education and teaching process of the Faculty fully complies with the European education system. The teaching process at Faculty of Technical Sciences is interactive and based on the application of professional and scientific achievements, it encourages students to be creative and apply the acquired knowledge in future tasks.  

The participation of the teachers and students in many national and international projects as well as constant investments in computer, laboratory and other types of equipment testify to the continuous process of modernization of working conditions and high quality of education and scientific research. Due to constant innovations in teaching, our engineers are prepared to solve specific problems and create technical and other innovative solutions that will improve and develop business processes. Cooperation with the leading national and international companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Intergraph, Fujitsu, Schneider-Electric, enables our students to complete professional training programs at well-known companies, and makes our graduates recognized by a high degree of knowledge and ability to apply modern technologies.


Faculty of Technical Sciences is an organizer and co-organizer of the following international and national conferences: ETRAN - International Conference on Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering; ATA - Analysis, Topology, Algebra: Theory and Applications; TIO - Technics and Informatics in Education; RPPO - Reengineering of Business Processes in Education. The aim of the conferences is to improve the exchange of knowledge and experience between experts, scientific associates and professionals. 

The faculty Library offers more than 25000 units including scientific monographs, publications, manuals, national and international scientific magazines, and it constantly tends to expand. The Faculty publishes the following scientific journals: Serbian Journal of Еlectrical Еngineering and Mathematica Moravica.
Several student organizations, supported by the Faculty, provide rich and interesting student life and enable students to participate in mobility programs. Furthermore, the students participate in national and international conferences, scientific meetings, seminars and competitions. In order to gain further education, practical knowledge and skills, the students of Faculty of Technical Sciences participate in the realization of projects, summer and winter schools and programs of study practice.
Student parliament provides protection of the students' rights and interests, and it allows students to actively participate, as equals, in management of the Faculty, especially regarding issues that are related to the quality of education and student life. The integral parts of student life are student travels, visits to fairs, sports competitions, humanitarian activities and socializing.  
While the primary objectives of the Faculty is to educate high quality professionals, the Faculty also endeavors to contribute to the development of students' personalities, by encouraging team spirit, creativity, volunteering and participation in extracurricular activities.